Mine Shovel Safety Satellite

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  • Highly visible - 100% cable coverage in bright-colored rubber hose and reflective stripes - safer for shovel operators and utility personnel in all working conditions
  • Consistent shape - easier for shovel operator to pick up with bucket tooth
  • Full "fish mouth" cope of piping eliminates flex - greatly improves strength
  • Angle-pipe connections give more even distribution of stress when lifting
  • "Full-control crimp" ensures a rigid shape
  • Unique assembly line permits consistency of shape and size
  • 200 lbs.
  • 58" diameter
  • Helicopter delivery available upon request


Watch How It Works


Operator Reviews

One of our satellites was tested at Suncor Energy with amazing results. It outlasted any other satellite ever tried at Suncor before by retaining its form for over 11 months. One operator’s quote was: "I’ve dropped these things from 40 feet, squashed it into the ground with the shovel bucket, and it just pops right back up. They are easier to use, since they maintain their shape and are so much easier to see at night, and for some reason, bitumen doesn’t seem to stick to it."

Utility personnel say they feel more safe with them because of the rubber hose coating that saves them from cable wires poking out into their hands and damaging the high-voltage cable. One supervisor’s quote was, "This is the best product that Suncor has had in the ten to twelve years of using these products."

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